Thursday, August 19, 2010

An Update and Bit of Clarification

I'm three weeks into this new way of eating.  I've lost 8lbs.  My body fat % is down about 2 points.  I haven't been exercising very often, maybe 1-2 times a week.  I have found something I enjoy doing for exercise though. There is a track at the field where Ethan is practicing football.  I've found that walking two corners and one straight away and running the other straight away is doable and even enjoyable!  After the first two weeks of "cleanse" time I began using the weight loss "supplements" that were suggested to my husband as being something to help reach my goal quicker.  This is a short term additive to my diet, whereas the food portion of my diet is a lifelong healthy eating habit I am forming.

I've been waking up earlier getting prepared for school to start.  The first week, 5:30 was easy.  This week 6:30 is as early as I've been up.  There are many reasons and excuses as to why I can't seem to wake up by then.  I'll spare you that and just say it is better than 9:00!  (which is what I was doing 2 weeks ago!)

My house has been clean and continues to get cleaner, due to being up earlier and implementing The Daily 7 technique I talked about in my previous post.

Next week the lessons for the kids school are going to be online and ready for me to set up schedules for.  I'm hoping to go through the mountain of books sent to us and set aside the ones we won't need right away as well as browse through and familiarize myself with the ones we will be using.  I have no idea how teaching 4 kids in different grade levels will work.  I am preparing myself for the possibility of a frustrating and tiring first couple of weeks.  Of course we pray it won't be that way.

I want to share my "second breakfast" with you.  Because, it was delicious and so easy!

Creamy Fruity Oatmeal:
1/2c Oatmeal
2Tbl. Dried Fruit
1c Water
1/4tsp Salt

Microwave on high for 1 minute, stir and heat again for 30 seconds or until water is absorbed.

2tsp Milk (I used soy)
2tsp Honey

Not only did I enjoy this very much, but it was quick and filling.. until I eat again in two hours!  ;)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Clean, Cleaner, Cleanest?

I've recently found a new blog I really like. It's not the type that keeps you glued to the screen reading for hours and waiting impatiently for the next post.. not that I do that.

It is a daily "chore" blog. Sounds fun huh! :) Trust me, as far as chores go.. this is fun.

She suggests doing 7 daily chores to maintain your house and every day posts a couple of extra things such as, "Get the cobwebs" or "Mop the kitchen". What I love about this way of doing it is that I have no dread. No laying awake thinking about the list of things I HAVE to accomplish tomorrow. Instead, it's like a special surprise waiting for me every day! (I know, the life of a SAHM is full of awe and wonder)

Here is her site.  Totally Together Journal

So, today I was mopping the kitchen floor.  Truth be told that was on the list yesterday... but I had errands.  So, you see this isn't a fix all... just a fun tool.  However, today I still did what would usually be put off until "next" time.  Anyway, back to the kitchen floor.  I have been using a Swiffer Wet Jet mop.  Because it's easy, disposable and fun like those Biore Cleansing Pads.. you get to look at the dirty cloth so you KNOW you got 'er done!  Only problem is, with all of the linoleum in my house, I need to use about 3 of those Swiffer pads to do said cleaning job and not feel like I am just taking the dirt from one room into another.. because, I can SEE that there is dirt on it!

Which leaves me wondering what other options may be more practical, economical, and if possible less toxic than I fear the Swiffer may be.  My choice for today, Bleach.  I know,, so not the best choice for the kids to be licking up.  However, seeing as grocery shopping hasn't yet happened.. it was both practical and economical.  And now my kitchen smells like a swimming pool locker room.  Lovely.

I refuse to use Pinesol.  I cleaned houses and a machining shop and office when I was a teen.. and so the smell brings back thoughts of other peoples messes.. eww.  I also think vinegar falls into that category.  I'm looking into Mrs. Meyers cleaning products,, I use a few already.. and actually looking at that link see that I could have used the all-purpose cleaner for my floor.  I wondered if it would leave it filmy, but perhaps with proper dilution it will simply leave me thinking of my dear friends' Mother who always wears Rose smelling perfume.  Mmmm.

So, what are your suggestions?  What have you found to be tough on grime and yet not on your sensibilities or budget?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Firefighter Kids!

Did you know?

A post workout meal is necessary?!  The kind nutritionist lady, (Yes, I call her that to speak life into my ill feelings toward her or anyone in her position of telling me what to do with my body!)  ;)... Anyway, she told me that it is important to have a well planned out post exercise "meal".  It helps maximize your workout and heal your muscle.. or something.  Here is a link I found that explains it better!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

To diet or not to diet.

That is the question.  As a young woman I was trained in the art of "thin eating".  Start when you're hungry stop when you're full.  Lord knows this hasn't been the way I've lead my day to day eating.  Me and food love each other.. too much.

Through the years of having babies I went through fazes.  Eat well, Eat poorly, Eat thin, Eat gorging-ly, Exercise, forget how to even properly spell exercise, diet for medical reasons, diet for weight reasons, pills, no pills.  Goodness gracious, Me Oh My!  Can you say "roller-coaster"?!

My desire through all of these well intended ill-thought out approaches to getting to a healthy weight and maintaining it, was to remove the importance of food in my daily life.  To come to a place where I ate out of necessity and not because I had a constant craving for this or that or both!

I've been pretty regularly exercising for a year and half now.  While I've managed to lose about 9lbs. (I thought it was more until I got on a real scale)  :(  .... I've known in my heart I wasn't having a proper relationship with food and so I was not losing more.  I got to the point where I was eating very few times a day.. but not very well.  Eggo waffles and Mrs. Butterworth's for breakfast (with I Can't Believe It's Not Butter mind you!), whatever the kids were having for lunch Pb&J, Mac and Cheese, Taco Bell or if I felt so inclined left over sweets and treats.  Then of course a sensible dinner because my husband was involved in that and I want him to be healthy and believe that I am doing my best to do the same.  (sad I know)

Aaannnyyyway!, My dear husband has come to a point where he is wanting to help me get thin and stay thin. (prolly cause he's more worn out by my yo-yo attitude about food than I am) So he took me to Max Muscle and got me some vitamins and a cleanse to start on.  Then I got weighed and had my body fat measured by the nutritionist there.  Ugh.  I wanted to cry and drop an elbow on her all at the same time.  As if it was her fault right!?  Her scale says I weigh 10lbs more than my scale says I do, and my body fat percentage was 31%.. which I had to think about that in terms of hamburger.. because 20/80 is the highest fat I buy... 30/70 would be terribly greasy.. ewww.. my insides are greasy!  Blech!

The kind nutritionist lady talked to me for about half an hour about proteins and whole grain carbs and maintaining a steady blood sugar level and fat burning caused by eating such foods.  She also told me I need to eat 6 times a day!  And that I need to have protein and carbs at every eating.. not just meals.   Oh, and I need to drink half my body weight in ounces of water every day!  I was a bit overwhelmed and maybe a tad bit potty mouthed when I left.

This compared with my 99% carb diet and maybe 8oz of water a day seemed crazy.  Not to mention I KNEW I'd be eating MORE calories than I was the way I had been eating.  The first day I felt like I was eating constantly.  I peed even more.  Seriously, I couldn't go to sleep for 2hrs after going to bed because I had to pee every half an hour.  I also had to stop a mile from being home after being at a Molalla BBQ and peeing before I left.  I was crying in my car because it hurt so bad!  Jeesh! This way of eating seemed like it was going to be awful.

Today, my fifth day, I am loving the way I feel.  I have been tracking my food and exercise on Live Strong a web site created by Lance Armstrong.  I have found a way to eat 6 times a day and stay at total of 1200 net calories a day!  This may need to be lowered.. we'll see when I go into get weighed this Thursday.  I've not felt like I'm starving once.  I'll give you an example of what I eat in a day.

1 container of strawberry Greek yogurt (Greek yogurt has more protein than regular yogurt)
1/2c of oatmeal

A.M. Snack:
1 cheese stick
1 apple

1/2c Cottage Cheese
3oz microwaved sweet potato with pepper
1c celery or carrot or whatever

P.M. Snack:
2Tbl Peanut Butter

4oz of Chicken breast seasoned to my hearts desire
1c cooked Quinoa
1c steamed broccoli

P.M. P.M. Snack:
2tbl. Almonds
There is usually a Diet Coke somewhere in there as well.  And this is just a sample of what I've come up with.  There has been Egg whites with Dave's Killer Bread for Breakfast.. smothered in Tabasco.  Turkey veggie wraps in Carb Smart Plus tortillas for lunch.  Or Albacore on a bed of lettuce with onion and black beans covered in FF Catalina dressing.. mmmm that's a favorite.

So it's not at all boring.  And as a matter of fact it's so much more diverse than my previous way of eating.  I am finding that my body feels satisfied in both hunger and cravings.. and I think about food WAY less than I used to.  Thank you Jesus!

Anyway, it's yet to be seen how well I'm actually doing as far as weight loss and what-not.  But for now I definitely feel better!  OH!   And I've been walking with my hubby for 30-45 min a night.. going about 2-3miles.. it's been great to get out there with him.  The kids have even come along on their bikes!

I started the year wanting to say good-bye to my flabby body and find the skinny me that I know is still in there somewhere!  I now, thanks to my loving hubby, am feeling that I have tools that are going to help me achieve that goal as well as maintain a healthy body weight and relationship to food.

(My sister always asks her readers questions.. so I'm going to try)

What are some of your struggles with dieting and exercise?  Or do you have a good grasp on it all?  Is it easy for you to relate to your partner about these issues and welcome them into your journey to achieve good health?  Have any of you ever tried this type of eating or "diet"?  If so have you had success with it?

Ok, I'll stop now.  :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Who stopped the clock?

Has it really been 2+ months since I blogged?  The end of school approached, and apparently I went crazy mad and spent alot of time outside or something.  I've not kept up with others blogs and have definitely let mine go by the wayside.  (I like using phrases like that... it makes me feel warm and fuzzy)

Well.  I'm sure all of my readers will be amazed to find out the details of my summer thus far.  Because I've not seen any of you.  Or posted anything about our adventures on Facebook.  "Lie-aaarrrr".

So what do I do in a situation like this?  Act like you'll all be pleased to read about what you already know?  Stop blabbing everything to everyone the moment it happens so I can have a more stable blogging career?  I simply don't know.

Maybe, if I just write what is in my head, you'll all be pleasantly tickled and amused.  It could be like that television show from the 90's.. a tv show about nothing.  :)

Again, I don't know.

I'll get back to you when I figure it out.
And in the mean time, here are some pics for any of you who missed them in my social world, FB!

My boys getting ready to camping with their Daddy and the Men's Group!

The Turkey Andy and Ethan hunted and killed for dinner!

The fort that Bruce helped the boys make that weekend!

Ethan the wood chopping mad man!! 

Bruce cooking Dutch Oven for the group of guys!

Pretty Mountain.. not Hood.  Adams I think.

Cutie Pie!

Ethan's 9th Birthday Party.. we were supposed to go Go-Karting.  But it had been raining so much we ended up having an inside party instead!
Maga and some of her boys!

My protege!

Logan helping with gifts.. Ethan's cousin.

Ethan and cousin Drew

Cousin Kali.. and Levi in the background.. such cuties!  Doesn't she look like Boo from Monsters Inc.?

Opening presents!

Then my boys went to the TVBC Men's Advance with Bruce and Andy!
Playing with a dog.. he's so allergic.. but he loves 'em so!

Duke giving Ethan some fishing tips!

Boating with Smith kids!

Fishing tips look to have paid off!!

The type of photo husbands prolly don't want or expect wives to post on their blog.  Well, at least I didn't put it on FB.. except for this feeds to my FB feed.  Hmmm.

Jesse taking pic's while Daddy's driving!
Jesse being unhappy about the wrestling outfit his Maga bought him and I made him try on!
 We were able to go see Mashayla and her family, my youngest sister, up in Spokane for a day!  We drove there spent about 4 hours with them and drove home.. it's an 8hr drive.. so it was a LONG day!  But SO worth it!
Jo and his cousin Annah!

Na-Na and Sophia!

Keira-Jo and Annah!

Sisters!  Reunited and it feels so good!

Shay's husband John!

Too stinking cute!

Naomi being as tall as her Auntie Shay!

Sunset over the prison in Eastern Washington!

At the end of June we went on a 10 day camping trip to Lake Shasta in California with our dear friends Ben and Tiffany Eneas!  It was a blast and provided some good bonding for us all!
This was the extent of our fireworks show for the 4th!

Jesse crying cause he whacked himself with his light show!  Isn't he cute!

Na being goofy!

Annah's light stick matched her shirt and her skin!

This was the finale to our show!  Yikes.. it was too funny!

When camping, toys are toys.  No gender rules were gonna keep the boys from some toy play.. Barbies for all!!

We went on a fall's hike while down there!  

Burney Falls!

The boys conquering a rock and my attempt at conquering editing photos.. whoever can help me,,, please advise.

Momma and Mena

Best friends!

Ethan loving the snake and Jesse not being sure if he should be that close to it!


Jumping off Bridges!


Best shot of the lake as well as best attempt at editing so far!

On the bus on the way up to tour Shasta Caverns!

The one spot in the tour where we could touch the walls!

Our campground had a pool!  It was the best!

 The day after we got back from Shasta.. Ethan had a day of football camp in Canby to prepare for his upcoming Pop Warner career!  They made him QB!!

The panoramic throw shot!


Look at that form!

We were all tired and hot.. he was sure a trooper!

He's really going to enjoy this!
Thanks for looking!