Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Homeschooling Gone Wild!

Ok, so that title may make you think we're getting crazy. (with a dropped y and added ier)  But I promise, it was only because we were trying so hard to be efficient testers!

Naomi and Ethan are trying to get into an alternative school, CAM, next year.  I had to attend a mandatory meeting before their applications, along with written essay answers (from both the children and parents), would be accepted.  As well as before they could do the testing this afternoon.  They'll be tested on Reading, Writing, and Math.  We decided to brush up on our math skills since that is MY weakest teaching area.

My focus being solely on the two older kids today meant that the two younger were excused to be outside all day.  I am SO thankful to have a duck pond behind our house where they can spend hours playing together!  I am even more grateful that they enjoy doing this.

AND, I am even more welled to the brim with gratitude at what I found when I went searching for them after they failed to come home for over an hour and a half!!

("He's teaching me about survival and birding!")

I love finding my kids enjoying God's creation together, and sharing their knowledge of that creation with each other!  What a blessing it is for them to find these areas of learning that bring to life their appreciation for the beauty around us, and excite their teaching and learning skills!  

Of course, what would all of that be without their adorable personalities and beauty that God has placed in each of them!  This mama is seeing her blessings!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Ethan.. the surprise funny man!

Ethan was supposed to be doing schoolwork.  He has made great strides this year in his responsibility for his education.  So.. he spends more time off on his own "gittin' 'er done!".  Today, he appears to have become distracted.  He came in and said, "Mom.  I got electrocuted."

I think he was wrestling a blankie.  :)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Funny things they say, compilation

When eating lemon grass chicken dinner, Jesse stops chewing and says, "This stuff isn't really grass is it?".  I reply that I suppose it is some sort of grass, and that I didn't do a very good job getting rid of the tough outer parts.  He says, "It's more like lemon bark!"  Ooops, guess I REALLY could have done a better job!

Naomi is growing up.  She wore heels for the first time a few weeks ago.  Soon, she'll be driving.  While we were parking at Costco she said to me, "I want a Chair-ROW-key for my first car."  She caught my overly large smile and said, "Is that not how you say it?  Is it Chair-uh-key?.. ugh, MOM".  My life is filled with lots of "Ugh, MOM"'s lately.. but they're all worth savoring.

Jesse, while supposedly doing Literature, sneezed.  After sitting uncharacteristically still for about 20 seconds he says matter-of-fact-ly, "Mom, I can see my brain cells sending messages.  I see black dots and they have white lines that go through them."  A few minutes later, while still "doing literature", "Am I seeing stars when I see white dots?".
While studying pioneer travel during the 1800's I asked Annah, "How did people get from Sweden to New York?".  She quickly replied, "Speed boat!".. one too many Geico commercials for that girl!

Jesse is studying Medieval times.  He's supposed to draw a coat of arms.  After much discussion and clarification, he decided to draw a griffon.  He begins by dividing the shield into fourths.  I said, "I thought you were drawing a griffon?"  He says, "That's one.  I'm gonna draw a snake, and a lion, and a badger.  They're going to be... " I cut him off and said, "Stop talking and just write." he immediately replies, "You mean draw?".  Yes, thank you.  Now do it!  Funny how he can figure out language arts issues when he wants to stall.. or go into great detail about something instead of just doing it.


Jesse is having a hard time in school.  It's a matter of focus and interest.  While trying to push him through a Language Arts lesson, he is constantly distracted by a loose tooth.  He sat there staring off for a minute and then asked me, "Mom.  Is there blood?" as he opened his mouth for me to peer inside.  I told him yes there was and his face broke into a large heart melting grin, "That's because it's departing.".... Good use of vocabulary, now back to grammar.


Ethan was discussing Robin Hood with me.  "He lived in the Hundred Acre Wood.. right?"  It's obviously rare that I catch him in a funny... I thought that was a good one!


I was making a cake last week and Jesse came in and asked, "Mom?  How long would it take a snail to travel around the world?"  I told him I wasn't exactly sure.. but a long time.  He replied, " That would be a good science experiment!"