Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Predicting the Changing Seasons isn't Just for Groundhogs!

"Mom!  It's almost summertime!"

Our internet pooped out on us about noon today.  I took that as a sign that it was time to feed the rascals, and they dropped their pencils and headed out into the sunshine!  A few minutes later, Jesse and Annah came back in, shoe-less looking for footwear.  Annah told me excitedly that it was indeed almost summetime, "It's SO warm outside!"

A few minutes after they returned outside, she came back in.  "Mo-om!  Look, I told you it was almost summertime.  Look what I found out there, a lady bug!"  She wandered around talking to her new found friend and came back asking, "Do you have something for me to hold Lady in?"  I'd already recycled the glass tomato sauce bottles from the weekend, and so offered her a rinsed out tuna can.  I figured Lady stood a better chance of survival if her option to leave was left open.

Annah ran outside, got some grass and brought Lady's new home in to show me.  She then said, speaking to Lady, "Here's the deal, you can crawl on my arm AFTER you do your household chores.  Clean your room!  Good job!  Oh!  Are you limping?"  (I bet she is!)  "You're such a good little creature!  Let's go outside."

They've had their lunch and Jesse brought in his find,,, not as loveable as Lady, his name is Hiss.
Annah continues to talk to Lady.. they seem to be bonding quickly.

"I should clip your wings.... OH!  You little scamp! (pause)  He's a Christian, he keeps bowing to God."

She is a wonder this bug whisperer child I'm raising.


  1. Oh my goodness! Morning laughs to start my day! Thanks for sharing about these lovely children of yours! Makes me miss them all the more!