Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ode to a Dog.

When Bruce was still living in Utah, just before coming to Oregon, he got a dog.  I don't know what kind of dog she was.  She was recently put down.  She was old and suffering.. and so it had to be done. 

I don't like dogs.  I don't like cats.  I learned to like our two cockatiels we had a few years back.. and then they ran away.  So, even if I choose to like them, it's no good for them. 

But this dog, who I didn't know of when we chose to name our firstborn the name which both of us loved and wanted to name our firstborn... I can't stop being reminded of her un-dog-like qualities.

Tonight as we were eating  dinner, Bruce told one of the kids to stop eating like a seagull.  To actually chew and enjoy their food, rather than one licking it and trying to swallow and then choking.  (children are odd)  This brought up a discussion as to whether any animal actually "enjoys" their food.  We decided that certain animals, such as dogs, will prefer one food to another.  But even when given a scrumptious piece of coveted meat.. so we're using a dog as an example.. they just gulp it down.  No chewing.. No savoring.. just gulping.

However.. this particular dog.. Naomi Dog.. she would savor certain things. 

She would lay in the pea gravel covered driveway and chew on... pea gravel.  She would just chew and chew and chew it.  Her mouth would get all frothy and so we thought possibly she was using it to "brush" her teeth.  Though, this didn't make sense.  Cause this dog had no other obvious sense of personal hygeine.  And her breath always smelled like she'd been chewing on skunk rather than rocks.

She would also enjoy the occasional apple.  How weird is that!?  What dog likes apples!?  But seeing as there were two in the driveway of the property that she "owned".. she would randomly find a fallen apple.. and chew on it. 

My children like berry and fruit flavoured tooth paste.. did she do this prior to her rock chewing habit?  I'm not sure.  But if so.. this wasn't her only childlike behaviour!

She was the WHINY-est dog God ever let live.  She would just lay around whining!  All of the time!  I always thought it was cute.. but like a stranger thinking some other kids cry is cute.  Her "parents" never thought it was cute.  They would hiss.. "Naomi hush!".. and she would... for a bit.  Then she would continue her whiny song.

I find it strange that out of all the adorable puppies I've known.  Out of all of the "normal" dogs I've known.  This whiny, stinky, rock eating mutt of a dog found a way into my heart. 

Maybe it was because I knew she had once belonged to my husband.  Maybe it was because she was my daughters "namesake"... I don't know.  But when I've gone out to the property since her (mysterious to the children) death.. I've missed being greeted by her.  Having to avoid touching her as I made my way to the house.

So, wherever she is.. I sure hope there is lots of pea gravel, apples... and skunks.  For that truly would be, for her, dog heaven.

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  1. Summer, you probably find this hard to believe but I too "loved Naomi puppy doggy". Weird huh?
    Since everyone knows how much I don't really care for animals. I also liked her whining and even though I am admitting that I loved her, I still didn't want her touching me. I always talked to her, maybe to hear her whine, and she is one dog that I too really miss.