Thursday, March 11, 2010

Oh how they make me laugh.

Last week my wonderful hubby bought a Go-kart for our kids. It is tiny. As in my bootie aint gonna fit in there. The older three kids are able to drive it.. Annah gets to be passenger.  The afternoon we got it we took the kids out to a 3 block long empty lot that is basically a big field.  They all were able to drive for a bit before the sun went down.

The next day I picked the kids up from school and as we were pulling into the garage Jesse looked over at the Go-Kart and said, "There she is.. the beauty of my life."
Today Annah started singing Jesus Loves Me.  I got kinda sad realizing I hadn't taught it to her.  So I decided to do a quick run through of other "Bible" songs I'd learned from my mom. 

After teaching her Jesus Loves the Little Children (the now probably controversial one that says Red and Yellow, Black and White) she excitedly said, "He even likes Gee-Jo and Sophia!".  Her two cousins that are half Mexican.  (Yes, I understand that this is another controversial term.. but umm.. there father was from Mexico.. that makes him Mexican right!?)

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  1. I,m glad you put this one from our little Jesse guy, He is so cute! I told dad and he laughed too! Annah has it right! Even GG and Sophia! Thanks for taking time to put these wonderful memories down for us to enjoy!I love them. Love mom