Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Enjoying My Kids


She has been a joy these past few months.  Of course there have been moments.  But for the main part.. she is turning into a good friend, helper and mini-me. :)  Such as...

Today she had a well child check.  She was due for 1 booster shot.  She has known this for about a week.  She cried when she first found out.  She has worried about it every day.  Very nearly cursed me (jk) for making the appointment last week.  Finally it came time to go.  She brought her blankie, my 5'3" well developed 11year old.  Her tummy was in knots.  She teared up in the waiting room.  (on a side note, I'm glad I remembered to call my hubby to meet me and watch the other three kids!!!)  We were called back.  She was weighed, her vision was screened and then the traumatic experiences began.

The nurse did the usual questioning.. Naomi answered most of the questions.  We declined all "extra" vaccines.  That still left her with two boosters to be had, one more than she had "prepared" for.  She began to freak.  The nurse explained kids her age do that and then feel silly afterward because it isn't as bad as they think it's going to be.  She said that she would use a topical numbing spray first.. and that Naomi should barely even feel it.  Ya, that wasn't believed.  The nurse went to get the stuff.  Naomi began her "Mommy, mommy, mommy"s... She returned.  Naomi started crying.  I was instructed where to stand, where to place my hands, one in front of Naomi's face so she didn't see.  Oh dear.  Naomi pushed and pulled and, "Wait, Mommy, WAIT!".. The nurse showed her how the spray made her hand feel.  The tears continued.  Her arm was cleaned and sprayed.  "Mommy!"  The nurse gave her the first shot.  Her whole body was tense.  She held her breath. "There, that one's done." the nurse proclaimed. Naomi re-freaked..but in a different way.  "What? That's it?  Oh, I'm a dork"..the second was administered, "really, I'm done?".. Then Naomi was laughing and proclaiming, "I could've done more!".... Sigh, my childhood drama is haunting me.  The physical was humiliating and she didn't like it.  She "really appreciated" being told to stay away from drugs and alcohol.  I really appreciated the doctor not going into "other" ways she needed to "stay safe".  This mommy isn't ready for THAT to be brought up by a doctor!

Man this kid has a hard time with Language Arts.  He CAN do it. It's just getting him to believe he can.  Today was a particularly hard day.  He cried.  He tore his papers.  But, he got it done.  Just in time for daddy to be home.  We sat and talked about his time in school.  Encouraging him that he is doing a good job and can do it!
 Then we talked about gymnastics starting tomorrow.  All of the kids are going.  Jesse said he is hoping they don't make him  do cartwheels.  He said, "I'm too old for them".  Which he quickly followed with, "Remember Winnie the Pooh, I still like him".  :)  "Remember the first one, the movie that Maga has?  I like that when he sings."  So of course I broke out in the "Little Black Raincloud" song.  He sat on the table listening, smiling.  I finished.  He sat there smiling staring at the floor.. a couple minutes later he jumped down and said, "Ok, bye, I'm going to Brett's.  See you at 5!".. Such a funny little guy.

This child.  He captures my heart, and breaks it the most often.  He'll be a strong man.  We're learning how to focus his "stubborn" and "emotional" outbreaks into teaching moments.  Moments to lead him instead of tear him down... it is a big job, but we're believing the promise that it will be worth it!
On the other hand, he is the jester of the house.  It is amazing to see him growing and changing and his sense of humor doing the same.  He makes me laugh.. sometimes I have to hide it!
Sunday we were driving into the hills outside of Estacada to find a good spot for some shooting.  We were having a birthday party for Jesse and he wanted to take a pinata and the new gun and shoot it up!  SO, we were scouting.  As we got higher into the hills.  There was snow.  Ethan pipes up from the back, "Master, there is a lot of snow here.  Are you sure it is safe.".. in a Dug the dog from UP voice.. it was hilarious.  I wish we had a recorder that knew when the kids said something funny.. because that was just one of the MANY things he said.  He often stops working and just dances around.  He is just fun.  I love him.

Oh dear.  Where to start.  She's my baby.  She's sweet.  She's feisty.  She's funny.  She's TOO much!
Every day is day that I could write a post about her.
Today, she lost a tooth.  Not by her hand.  By her father's.  It was loose.  Too loose.  It was so loose it was brown and maybe her breathe hadn't smelled right for a week.. blech.  So, it was Daddy to the rescue.  After chasing her with a hammer and pliers, he held her on his lap and used a paper towel to hold on.  Then there was blood.  Then there was more "chasing".  Then she sat back down, "crying".  I distracted her by taking pictures.  Then.. it was out.  She was better.  Making funny faces with her toothless smile.  She practiced somersaults into a bridge, for gymnastics tomorrow.  She sat on my lap for a finger clipping.  She sat at my feet to get a neck rub.. for about 2 minutes.  She danced to music... on the movie the rest of us were watching during this whole time of Annah-ness.  She is an attention getter... that girl.  She's craziness wrapped up in a little body of perfected baby childness.  Sigh.

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  1. Oh how fun! I just love reading your stories about you and your family! You have captured a little piece of each of them in their stories. Keep writing! Your really good at it and it's a fun read for your dad and me! We always enjoy them. Love you sweetie, keep up the great work of mothering their little hearts the way you do! Loving you, mom