Thursday, November 19, 2009

It All Began In A Storm

Or so I've heard. I don't remember.

Whatever that story is.. I'm only going to talk about the end. Kinda. When my mom was pregnant with me, ya so not really just the end, she was told I was a boy. Crazy huh. Here comes the end.... I wasn't! Then, they called me Summer.

I do remember as I was growing up seeing a plauqe on the wall. Actuallly, one for each of the six of us. Each of them had the name of one of us kids, the meaning and a verse from the Bible that went along with that meaning. The one that I remember, minus the verse, is mine!

"Summer- A time of growth"

Now, as a child this didn't mean much to me. I thought maybe I'd be tall. However, as I've grown into adulthood, the meaning of my name has become symbolistic of my life. I feel like there is something inherent within me that thrives on moving forward. Not remaining in any situation that causes the feeling of "being in a rut". I don't think this is unique to me. It is more my viewing it as purposeful "to" me by God that gives it symbolism.

So, this is the most recent example of God growing, or in some ways pushing, me. A blog. I've wanted to start one FOREVER! Or at least since I knew they existed about 4 years ago. I love the idea of sending random thoughts out into cyber space for my friends, family and COMPLETE strangers to see. I love reading the blogs of other women of my age group and/or time of life. (if I don't know the woman.. I think a more accurate term is "spying".. I like spying)
But my sister beat me to it. Then my dad. So. In my heart, I resigned myself to spying. However, recently my mother randomly said to me, "You should start a blog". Then she listed all of the reasons she believed I would be "good" at blogging. Most of her reasons were my reasons. So.. here we are.

I am a bit fearful that the "look" of my blog won't add up to my sisters. Or that I'll post once and then forget how to post again. But I'm jumping into this knowing that it is good for me and that my husband will appreciate me thinking things through, in a productive way, before sharing them with him.

Thank you for walking with me as I am "growed" in this new and to me.. exciting way.

(fyi. I am told by my sister that I use .... or ,,,,, way too much. And I know that I use !!! WAY too much. As well as ALL CAPS. I feel that while it may be incorrect grammatically, it expresses language in a way that shows some of me in it. It is my accent in type. So, while I refrained from using any of those.. oh, or emoticons.. during my first post, future posts are sure to arouse feelings of frustration to all of you grammar... snobs. And for that I say,, it's your fault for being snobby!) :)


  1. Great Job! I am proud of you! Way to go! I loved reading your first post and look forward to "spying" on you! Loving you always, Mom

  2. So - you aren't worried about matching up to mine. Hmmm.

  3. Ya, I noticed that looked that way when I proof read it. But left it to incite yet another family "Internet discussion"! I love youdad and your bog Rocks!

  4. Lol! I'm glad you started a blog. Go Pin! And all your strange typing prefrences will only make your blog more personal. I send you some info on getting the cute bachgrounds and such. You are gonna be great at this! I look forward to more.