Monday, May 17, 2010

Dreaming of Maga.

Annah woke up this morning and told me that she had a dream that she had a tattoo of a picture of Maga Becky.  And that when she rubbed the tattoo.. "Maga would come out and be with me".  She asked if people could draw a picture of Maga so that she could get a tattoo of her.  She says she wishes it would really happen.

On a lighter note.  We walked from our house to Tiffany's house today.  We walked one way to get there and another to get back.  I Googled it.. both ways are the exact same distance.  .9 miles.  Weird.  It took 31min to walk it.  That includes the 2min it took to convince Annah she could ride her bike around the dead bird in the middle of the sidewalk, the 1min it took to get her coat off of her and tie it around her waist and the 1min it took for her to recover after driving into Miss Tiff's chicks and hens, losing control and hitting her knee with the handle bars of her bike. 

Along the way we passed a neighbors house.  This is the conversation Annah had with me about them. 

Annah- "Those people are nice."
            "I know they're African."
            "Bsept they speak Christian"
            "But I know they are African cause their skin is black"
Me- nothing.. it stumped me.. I think I prolly giggled.

The end.


  1. your baby girl is a cutie. Sounds like you two had a good walk.

  2. Oh, so sweet and sad... Annah is so full of funny things to say, thanks for sharing them with all of us. (Someday she will thank you)