Monday, August 2, 2010

Who stopped the clock?

Has it really been 2+ months since I blogged?  The end of school approached, and apparently I went crazy mad and spent alot of time outside or something.  I've not kept up with others blogs and have definitely let mine go by the wayside.  (I like using phrases like that... it makes me feel warm and fuzzy)

Well.  I'm sure all of my readers will be amazed to find out the details of my summer thus far.  Because I've not seen any of you.  Or posted anything about our adventures on Facebook.  "Lie-aaarrrr".

So what do I do in a situation like this?  Act like you'll all be pleased to read about what you already know?  Stop blabbing everything to everyone the moment it happens so I can have a more stable blogging career?  I simply don't know.

Maybe, if I just write what is in my head, you'll all be pleasantly tickled and amused.  It could be like that television show from the 90's.. a tv show about nothing.  :)

Again, I don't know.

I'll get back to you when I figure it out.
And in the mean time, here are some pics for any of you who missed them in my social world, FB!

My boys getting ready to camping with their Daddy and the Men's Group!

The Turkey Andy and Ethan hunted and killed for dinner!

The fort that Bruce helped the boys make that weekend!

Ethan the wood chopping mad man!! 

Bruce cooking Dutch Oven for the group of guys!

Pretty Mountain.. not Hood.  Adams I think.

Cutie Pie!

Ethan's 9th Birthday Party.. we were supposed to go Go-Karting.  But it had been raining so much we ended up having an inside party instead!
Maga and some of her boys!

My protege!

Logan helping with gifts.. Ethan's cousin.

Ethan and cousin Drew

Cousin Kali.. and Levi in the background.. such cuties!  Doesn't she look like Boo from Monsters Inc.?

Opening presents!

Then my boys went to the TVBC Men's Advance with Bruce and Andy!
Playing with a dog.. he's so allergic.. but he loves 'em so!

Duke giving Ethan some fishing tips!

Boating with Smith kids!

Fishing tips look to have paid off!!

The type of photo husbands prolly don't want or expect wives to post on their blog.  Well, at least I didn't put it on FB.. except for this feeds to my FB feed.  Hmmm.

Jesse taking pic's while Daddy's driving!
Jesse being unhappy about the wrestling outfit his Maga bought him and I made him try on!
 We were able to go see Mashayla and her family, my youngest sister, up in Spokane for a day!  We drove there spent about 4 hours with them and drove home.. it's an 8hr drive.. so it was a LONG day!  But SO worth it!
Jo and his cousin Annah!

Na-Na and Sophia!

Keira-Jo and Annah!

Sisters!  Reunited and it feels so good!

Shay's husband John!

Too stinking cute!

Naomi being as tall as her Auntie Shay!

Sunset over the prison in Eastern Washington!

At the end of June we went on a 10 day camping trip to Lake Shasta in California with our dear friends Ben and Tiffany Eneas!  It was a blast and provided some good bonding for us all!
This was the extent of our fireworks show for the 4th!

Jesse crying cause he whacked himself with his light show!  Isn't he cute!

Na being goofy!

Annah's light stick matched her shirt and her skin!

This was the finale to our show!  Yikes.. it was too funny!

When camping, toys are toys.  No gender rules were gonna keep the boys from some toy play.. Barbies for all!!

We went on a fall's hike while down there!  

Burney Falls!

The boys conquering a rock and my attempt at conquering editing photos.. whoever can help me,,, please advise.

Momma and Mena

Best friends!

Ethan loving the snake and Jesse not being sure if he should be that close to it!


Jumping off Bridges!


Best shot of the lake as well as best attempt at editing so far!

On the bus on the way up to tour Shasta Caverns!

The one spot in the tour where we could touch the walls!

Our campground had a pool!  It was the best!

 The day after we got back from Shasta.. Ethan had a day of football camp in Canby to prepare for his upcoming Pop Warner career!  They made him QB!!

The panoramic throw shot!


Look at that form!

We were all tired and hot.. he was sure a trooper!

He's really going to enjoy this!
Thanks for looking!


  1. I love Bruce's comb-over. Nice look for him. :)

  2. Thanks sweetie, I loved seeing and hearing about your summer thus far.
    Great pictures!

  3. Ha-ha! It's a balding man's version of hat hair Ree! ;)
    You're welcome Mom! Thank YOU!