Thursday, August 12, 2010

Clean, Cleaner, Cleanest?

I've recently found a new blog I really like. It's not the type that keeps you glued to the screen reading for hours and waiting impatiently for the next post.. not that I do that.

It is a daily "chore" blog. Sounds fun huh! :) Trust me, as far as chores go.. this is fun.

She suggests doing 7 daily chores to maintain your house and every day posts a couple of extra things such as, "Get the cobwebs" or "Mop the kitchen". What I love about this way of doing it is that I have no dread. No laying awake thinking about the list of things I HAVE to accomplish tomorrow. Instead, it's like a special surprise waiting for me every day! (I know, the life of a SAHM is full of awe and wonder)

Here is her site.  Totally Together Journal

So, today I was mopping the kitchen floor.  Truth be told that was on the list yesterday... but I had errands.  So, you see this isn't a fix all... just a fun tool.  However, today I still did what would usually be put off until "next" time.  Anyway, back to the kitchen floor.  I have been using a Swiffer Wet Jet mop.  Because it's easy, disposable and fun like those Biore Cleansing Pads.. you get to look at the dirty cloth so you KNOW you got 'er done!  Only problem is, with all of the linoleum in my house, I need to use about 3 of those Swiffer pads to do said cleaning job and not feel like I am just taking the dirt from one room into another.. because, I can SEE that there is dirt on it!

Which leaves me wondering what other options may be more practical, economical, and if possible less toxic than I fear the Swiffer may be.  My choice for today, Bleach.  I know,, so not the best choice for the kids to be licking up.  However, seeing as grocery shopping hasn't yet happened.. it was both practical and economical.  And now my kitchen smells like a swimming pool locker room.  Lovely.

I refuse to use Pinesol.  I cleaned houses and a machining shop and office when I was a teen.. and so the smell brings back thoughts of other peoples messes.. eww.  I also think vinegar falls into that category.  I'm looking into Mrs. Meyers cleaning products,, I use a few already.. and actually looking at that link see that I could have used the all-purpose cleaner for my floor.  I wondered if it would leave it filmy, but perhaps with proper dilution it will simply leave me thinking of my dear friends' Mother who always wears Rose smelling perfume.  Mmmm.

So, what are your suggestions?  What have you found to be tough on grime and yet not on your sensibilities or budget?


  1. I want the Shark Steam Mop. I have told Nathan to get it for me for Christmas. I was just thinking about that a few moments ago. It's supposed to be better for you since it uses steam to clean and not chemicals. I need to mop my kitchen. Uhg.

  2. Hey Summer! This is the first time I've stopped by your blog. Very excited to check out the cleaning blog as well. Those lists you saw at my house have fallen by the wayside :)

    As for the mop, our builder left us with something I LOVE! It's made by Rubbermaid and he bought it at Home Depot. It has a velcro pad on the bottom and you can attach a "dry mop" thing for sweeping/dusting the floor, or the wet one. I just use HOT water on it. The great thing is that you just throw them in the washer. No more buying the pads for the swiffer (I did that for a long time too, but I hate things that need refills.)

    As for the shark mentioned above. I've heard really mixed reviews. Sounds like it's good for vinyl, but I've heard it can really ruin hardwood. Just and FYI.

  3. Thanks Ree and Lee Ann!

    I have been interested in the Steam Mop.. and forgot about it! ;) Also forgot that I have several of those washable dust mop type things. In our previous home we had laminate wood flooring. I used hot water for those.. but for some reason haven't used it here on all of the linoleum around here! I think for now we're going to use my mop that has a strip cloth removable head and Mrs. Meyers. We'll see how it goes!

  4. Welcome back to blog world! I mop with a sink of hot water and a little dish detergent and a rag or regular mop. Honestly, it's too much work to get the mop out, so I just crawl around with the rag. Or ask Brian to do it. No, I don't mop often. But it does get it clean and is super cheap.

  5. You can always try Baking Soda. By the way - where'd you get those links? Did you copy them or were they just added by blogger?