Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Annah, Dora, Pedi and Bugaboo!

Today was my "start everything back up that we didn't do during the 4 day weekend but usually do during regular times" day.  Like laundry, packing lunches, getting up early, going to the gym and last but not least.. spending a lot of time with just me and Annah.

So after making Bruce's lunch.  I made Naomi's lunch and took her to her 8am unicycling class.  Came home made the boys lunches.  Took them to school at 9:05.  Came home and got Annah more breakfast (they all had bagels with misc. toppings) then set her down for her "school time" with Dora.  Went to take a shower and mid-shower the phone pops through the curtain..

"Mom, someones on the phone for you"..

"Kaaaaayyyyy, tell them I'm busy"

"But they said they need to talk to you"

"Annah!  I'm in the shower, tell them I'm busy and hang up"

I know that the only person that calls my home phone in the morning and Annah labels "someone" would be a telemarketer or some such irritating person.. ugh.  She went away.  When I got out I could hear Dora and Annah singing "I play maracas, shake-a, shake-a, shake-a!".  I smiled to myself thinking what a dear girl Dora is for singing with my Annah so I can get dressed.

After I had done just that I decided I should call the property management co. about the scurrying I was hearing over my head in my bedroom ceiling.  I told them I wasn't sure if whatever it was would cause damage or get stuck and die.. so maybe they want to send someone out to fix the holes said creature was getting in through.  They told me they'd call "Bugaboo" and have them get ahold of me to set up an appointment.  After processing the name for a bit too long I said, "Okay, great!".  Then spent alot of time thinking about what company would call themselves "Bugaboo".. until I realized it was a pest control.. or "bug" control company.  Then spent alot of time thinking about how cute that name was. I could just picture a man crawling into my "attic" and saying "Boo!" to whatever he found up there!

During my getting ready I made sure to call out to Annah to "Put clothes on", "Brush your hair", "Get socks on".. so she'd be as ready as possible by the time I was.

We headed out and went to the gym where she got to spend time with her friends Brooky and Lolo and I got to sweat with my friend Tiff.  As we were headed into the gym I reminded Annah to stay on the sidewalk and not walk on the grass because it was mostly mud.  She pointed out that some of it was green and began singing, "Take me down to Paradise City, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty.. Take, me, Ho-ome".  I told her that wasn't a child song and please stop singing it.. (before we got inside and other people heard her!)

We finished at the gym and headed to Baja Fresh which Annah calls "Ha-ha Fresh" for some lunch.  It was delicious.  After that we headed to get the car washed.  Annah started singing the song she learned from Dora earlier in the day.. only.. Annah style.

"I'm a musician and my enemies will be.. I play the flu-ute dink, dink, di-dink, dink.. I play the maracas, shake-a, shake-a, shake-a.. I play the dru-ums, bom-bom-bo-bombom.. I play the trombone boom-boom-boo-boom-boom.. I play the harnica doot-doot-doo-doot-doot."

I suggest that the beginning of the song wasn't "and my enemies will be".. she didn't get it.  Or disagreed because that isn't what she heard Dora say.. not sure which, but she never sang it the way I suggested.

After the car wash we headed to the mall to stop at Macy's and get Ethan a belt, go to get Annah a snack and then head to "Sassy Nails" so I could get a pedicure!  Where Annah would play with my phone and eat her snack!

On the way over her lunch gave her a couple of.. burps.  She finished with one and said, "Ugh.. I'm starting to burp like La-Fo... Ma-ga!!"  (she was acting like she was spelling!  lol!)

At Macy's Annah found her favorite things.. the child mannequins.. and stood there talking to them, checking out their clothing sizes, and standing in front of them measuring herself to them to see who was taller.  She is so adorable.

We made our way over to the Sweet Factory and she picked out which candies she wanted in her little bag.  She was excited about getting to choose SO many different kinds!  And I was excited and amazed I made it out of that store spending less than 3 dollars!

We finally made it to the salon and I got Annah set up with my phone and her candies in the chair next to mine.  She was excited to try out the massage options on the chair!  But the lady was ready to start my pedicure so she had to just make do with the phone and candy.  She did awesome!  She sat and played and was polite and calm.  I was in heaven.  (The other mother in the store who had a "terrible two's" child in her care only helped to secure my seat there!)  ;)

After my toes were happy it was time to rush back home for the appointment with Mr. Bugaboo that I'd set up in between weights at the gym earlier.  I got to the house just as he did and so rushed in and sprayed Febreeze before showing him where he could access the "attic" and where I thought the creature(s) were getting in.  It came time for me to go get the other kids from school.  I told the guy and took Annah for our 5min. pickup of the kids.  We all rushed in.. he was still in the uppers of our house.  It was apparent the kids were home cause it was loud and orders were being given, "Unpack your lunchboxes", "You can have Fishy crackers.. but only "this" much in a bag".  As well as questions being asked, "Can I go to Abby's?", "Can we go to Brett's?", "Can I go to Corrina's?".  Then it began to quiet down as the kids meandered out the doors to their respective friends houses.

 I noticed Annah wasn't leaving and asked, "What are you waiting for?".  She said, "I wanna see the animal he catches".  I'd forgot that she thought he was an animal rescue agent... like ones on the Animal Planet show that her sister watches all the time.  I told her I didn't think he was planning on catching anything cause he didn't bring a cage or anything up with him.  She left the kitchen and it was quiet.  It was quiet until I heard the singing Valentines card I bought for Bruce being played in the hallway where the man had his ladder set up.  "I think we're alone now.  The beating of our hearts is the only sou-ound!"  I rushed over half terrified and said, "What are you doing!?".. Annah smiled and said, "I wanted to show him what you bought Daddy!".

I was mortified thinking.. this man is in my attic and can hear the kids come home and leave and then possibly hears THAT song being played when I am the only one who should still be here!  So I was very loud in my talking to Annah to make sure HE heard me saying it was HER who played it.  Oy vey!

He finished his job.  Annah left and I had my quiet time before Bruce got home and dinner and homework and evening stuff happened!

So that was my day's highlights with Annah!  I enjoyed it and hope you do too!


  1. Lol! What a day. And what a silly little girl. Love and miss you guys!

  2. Oh my goodness, this is too funny! She is a funny little girl!I am still laughing out loud while trying to type this! I really like that she was gonna show Mr. Bugaboo her daddy's card! Funny Funny day! Look forward to our day tomorrow! Love you, mom

  3. Once again, I love reading this. It reminds me of sitting in your kitchen talking to you and makes me miss those times a little bit less.

  4. @P&P- Miss you Too!
    @Mom- Looking forward to it too.. yay sushi!
    @Nik- Awww,, I miss you and love that you enjoy just sitting and talking. We're good at it huh! Hoping to see you soon!