Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Eesin Boy-ya!!

Ethan is our second born.  Our first boy.  The first grandson.  He was the hardest labor out of the four   children.  He is tender hearted.  He is exceptional at whatever he puts his mind to.   He is strong.  He is the most dedicated "worker" of our kids.  He strives to do whatever he thinks will cause us to be more happy with him.

Since he was a baby it's been obvious that he loves music.  He has always had great rhythm.. whereas some of our others have had to acquire it over time.  He used to turn any long object into a "teegar" and ferociously strum and sing, "Open the eyes of my heart Lord!"  That continues to be what I pray for him, believing that it is what his child-heart truly cried out for. 
He has always tried to display his strength.  Whether it be physically, emotionally or even mentally.. he wants to show others that he's got what it takes.  I know John Eldridge says this is one of the questions every boy grows up struggling with, "Do I have what it takes?".  It has been obvious with our Ethan.  I thank God that his Father, my husband, continually answers that question for him.  He is continually telling Ethan he can do it.  Telling him he is capable.  Putting him in situations where he can prove it.
He's always had a goofball side to him as well.  He tries to hide it.. and then will surprise us with some offhand comment or crazy gesture.  His teachers have said that he has a bit of the "class clown" mentality.  Especially in music and PE.  I think that he simply doesn't see these classes as educational but rather as a type of break from the regular classroom rigmarole.
It is a joy to watch Ethan turn into his dad's playmate, or shadow might be a good word.  Whether dad is fixing the car, playing video games, taking Christmas lights off the house, (I was unaware that his daddy let him climb onto the roof of the house to take the lights off the front edge of the roofline!  But Ethan loved it of course!!) or playing ball.. Ethan wants to do what he is doing. 
This precious gift we've been blessed with brings us joy daily.  As his parents both of us are looking to Jesus to show us how to help mold his character to fit his personality.  How to set him on the path HE should go, so that when he is old... he will not part from it.  What a tremendous honor it is to be a parent and partner with our Lord to create within these children a heart that understands the cry within.  The cry each of us have within but don't always understand.  The cry that is so easily distracted with things of this world.  The cry for HIM.  This is why I love that at the age of two this precious boy began singing.. "Open the eyes of my heart Lord".  As well as.. what reminds me to continue to pray it with him.

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  1. Thank you Summer for this beautiful picture of Our first grandson "E". It has always been a joy to hear him sing out "open the eyes of my heart Lord". I agree with your words, he is a blessing to our family, God knew what we needed and he gave us Ethan. He is a tender hearted child, and I love him so much. I am glad that I finally figured out that it was me he looked like!
    I cheer you and Bruce on as you look to our Father to give you wisdom to see how to lead Ethans heart. What an honor it is to be your mother and Ethans Maga!