Monday, February 1, 2010

Thus is the man blessed who fears the Lord

My sister, brother-in-law and nephew spent the night last night.  My nephew slept in the boys room and sister down stairs in the family room.
I woke up at about 7:30 to someone beside me saying they were hungry.. of course.. it was Jesse.  I got up trying to make sure my husband got to sleep in. ( He had to work yesterday, then helped our friends replace a toilet and make a dump run that turned into a several hour wait in line at the dump.. then he, our friend and our brother-in-law watched the kids while us girls went to a party at my sisters friends house.  So.. he had a busy day.)  I came out and the kids were eating Cheerios.. Ethan, almost 9, was wonderful and got them all set up.  I started in on the dishes from yesterday.  Only to find out that the dishwasher could hold about 4 more dishes and needed ran.. oops.  So, I made coffee and got my bowl of Special K.  I set the kids up on the living room floor with blankets and cartoons.. and decided to wipe out my fridge.  (this has been a real irritation to me lately,, the disgusting state of my fridge,, but I have just let it continue to get out of hand.)  After it was white again I sat in the living room and checked my FB.  Then layed down to watch some cartoons with the kids.. trying to keep them quiet so as to not wake up my sister and her husband too too early.
At about 9:30 my BIL, KC, came upstairs.. followed by my sister.  I went in and snuggled in my warm bed with my hubby for a while before getting him up and making his coffee.  My sister took Jesse and her family and went to church at a near by church.. we're planning on going to our's tonight.  So, I switched the dishes and cleaned up the living room while Bruce looked online at the schedule for Fort Vancouver, he is planning a trip over there with the kids after my sister gets back. 
I finished and found Bruce stretching in the living room saying he feels like he needs to do some Yoga.  So, I found a class On Demand and watched him and Annah do Yoga in the living room.  Now, the picture of Bruce doing Yoga that may come into your head.. may seem odd.  But don't worry.. he was making fun of it the whole time.. "Haha,," Downward Dog"... Haha, she just told me to feel my pelvis open up to the earth!".. He totally maintained his Macho-ness while doing it.
When he finished he decided to go take down the Christmas lights.. "Before February", and I decided it was time to make lunch.  Weekend lunches have been a pain to me lately because I feel like it has to be different from the normal sandwich routine we do all week.  Here is what I came up with today.. it was fun!
Top Ramen for Bruce and the kids
Progressive Light Sante Fe Chicken soup for me
Carrots and Ranch
Open Faced Sante Fe Albacore Melts on English Muffins
The last was a made up recipe and turned out delicious so I'm gonna tell you how to make it.
Toast some English Muffins
Turn on the broiler
Mix the following
2 cans Albacore
2tbls light Sour Cream
2-4 tsp Taco Seasoning
2 tsp Green Taco sauce
3/4 cup shredded light Mozzerella
1/4 red onion diced
Heap a spoonful onto each of the toasted Engilsh Muffins and use the back of the spoon to smash it down.  Top with a sprinkle of Mozzerella
Broil and.. Twa-laa!  Nummy low-cal deliciousness!
I called Bruce in, we had lunch then he and Ethan went out to continue the lights.  Oh, and I forgot that before I made lunch I emptied and refilled the dishwasher.  Annah helped with the dishes and lunch and after lunch wanted to "scrub the table".. so I gave her a bowl of soapy water, scrubber and a rag and let her at it.  I'm sure when I head back upstairs I'll have a bit of a watery mess.. but her adorable face and servant heart keep me from being able to tell her no to her "helpfulness".
After all of this I decided to come downstairs to our new office and read the Bible and blog about what this seemingly "boring" day has stirring within me.
I read Psalm 128.  Then I had to go to the bathroom to wipe the mascara outta my eye!  How faithful God is!
So, all of this may seem kinda mundane to be listing in such detail.  But I am writing it to tell of God's faithfulness to me.  My heart has been overjoyed with the "little" things.  I love seeing how God gives me the ability to do the things I need to do and enjoy the things that are easily overlooked.  As I open myself to Him and rid myself of the things that bind me.. I am seeing that I am more able and more joyful.  I wasn't feeling childish in the bad way.. just in the way that I'm meant to as a child of God.  Thank you Jesus!


  1. I think the name of the soup is Progresso and Progressive is an insurance company.. I dunno. And, I started this yesterday but was interrupted by the time.. so finished this afternoon! ;)

  2. Well, I am one who loves the details! Not boring to me. I love to hear how God is giving you the ability to enjoy his awesome faithfulness! BTW the lunch sounds YUMMY! Loving you always, mom

  3. ;) Thanks mom! Love you too! You should try it.. it really was great! The kids and even Amber liked it!!