Saturday, February 13, 2010

Naomi, Heating and Cooling, Freezers and Juvie!

So Naomi has been begging me to let Yanna come over after school.  (among other girls.. but I like Yanna)  So, after she finally got what I meant by, "Have her mom call me and we will schedule something".. we had a "playdate" set up!

Of course it didn't really have a specific start time.. I was running errands and helping friends and dropping stuff off for Bruce at work.. and dealing with 4 children needing fed, bathroom-ed, exercised and trained in general.  So I said to tell Yanna that about 1:30 we'd pick her up.  Of course we had to call and change it to 2:30.. so I told her mother that Yanna could just hang out 'till 8 instead of 6:30 when her mom was able to pick her up and we'd just drive her home. 

Anyway, after all of this planning and calling back and forth.  We get the kids home and of course they're bored.  Can we straighten hair?  Can we play on the computer?  Can we, Can we, Can we!!!!

(Now I just watched Bill Cosby and so don't feel so bad complaining about the annoying things my children do and how it very literally and honestly annoys and drives me NUTS!!  He said that he didn't have children so they could change his name to "Daddy Can I".. HA!  I love it!)

I suggested she do things with Yanna that involved her personal belongings and not mine.  Fingernail polish,, Hair "streaker" tool (completely washable btw),, coloring, origami, bike riding, Wii,,,, the list went on.

(So, I've decided that before we have another "play" date.. we're going to make a list of acceptable means of having fun PRIOR to the "date" so that we can eliminate some of the unnecessary driving insane of mommy)

  When I finished going on about what they could do together that didn't involve "my" belongings.. they went off to Naomi's room where I inaccurately assumed they were taking part in one of the previously suggested activities.

I cleaned the kitchen and finished putting away the groceries I'd bought the day before.. :).. picked up in the living room for a bit and then sat down to call my hubby for our daily, "It's time for you to come home", call.  Which I make just to talk to him for a bit not to TELL him to come home.. most of the time.

In the middle of our discussion about having the kids make a list of sports and classes they want to take this upcoming year.. Naomi came rushing out of her room crying, sweating, and repeating.. "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!!" with her fingers up to her mouth like she used to as a toddler when she was in trouble.  (sigh.)

I was sitting in the living room looking way up at the tortured face of my 10year old thinking.. "this isn't our house.. we are only renting.. what did she do to it now?"..

I asked "What happened, are you hurt?"..

"NO,, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!"..

I turned to Yanna,, "Did she spill fingernail polish on the carpet?" (my naive-ness shining through)..

Yanna replied, "No"..

I turned back to Naomi and said, "What is going on?"..

To which she began blubbering about how she'd made a prank call and asked the lady for a freezer and the lady said "Ok, which kind", and she said "Your finest" and the lady asked, "May I get your name" and Naomi  said, "Jeremiah Johnson is my husband's name".. and then hung up... Then the phone rang and Naomi could see it was the people she'd just pranked because when they had answered they said, "Olympic Heating and Cooling".. and that is what the caller ID was now reading.  Naomi picked up and the lady asked for Bruce or Summer Bryan.. Naomi said they were unavailable.. to which the lady replied, "I'm sorry dear,, but the police have been called"

Now, that may have been hard for you to follow.. but please understand that was me decoding her blubbered mess of an explanation. 

Oh and let me tell you Naomi was freaking out about the PO-PO.. no she didn't say that.. coming to our house any minute and taking her off to Juvie..  she told me lock the doors and close the blinds.  I said, "It's not fun being a criminal is it?"..

She was also very.. peeved.. that the lady would call the police!  The level of irritation was such that if she were allowed or so desired.. I think she would've been using expletives to describe the woman who had told her "I'm sorry dear, the police have been called".  But being as she's not allowed and I'm sure would not have such words in her head or heart... she stuck with "Jerk". To which, though it wasn't an expletive I still told her was inappropriate and inexcusable.

So many things go through your head when your child tells you the police are coming to take them to Juvie.  Among them.. for me.. were,

"Well, hopefully she won't do it again"...

"If she would've listened to me and made origami this wouldn't be happening"

"If she would've listened to me when I told her not to prank people two months ago this wouldn't be happening"

"Good for the lady to try and scare her like that"

"I wonder if she'll refuse to talk to the police if they do show up like she refused to let the Dr take the stitches out of her nose?"

Needless to say, the police never showed up.  But when her dad did and she ran out barefoot to tell him.. he said, "Well you may wanna put shoes on, you don't want to go to Juvie without shoes!"  Go Dad!


  1. Too Too funny I love the whole story but especially love the very wise responses her parents gave! Well even her maga has an embarrassing story like this when I was maybe 12. I am thankful she has such great, loving and wise parents!

  2. Oh my goodness, that cracked me up! So glad caller id wasn't invented when I was little! hehehe

  3. Thanks Mom! Glad to hear it could be viewed as "wise" to respond as we did! ;)
    And HI! Rachel! Good to see you!!! Thanks for stopping by AND letting me know you were here.. AND leaving a comment!

  4. Hilarious!! Your poor daughter- I would have totally flipped out if I were her too!!