Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dusty Rose

I lay in bed last night thinking.  This is what I do most nights before I fall asleep.  Unless of course it's too much to just think about.  Then I share with my husband who graciously listens as he tries to.. sometimes successfully.. fall asleep.

I was thinking the usual random thoughts about my day.  When all of a sudden I thought of a color.  Dusty Rose.  Such a nineties color I know.  Or at least I think I know.  But as I was picturing it's loveliness in my head, I was filled with warm, peaceful thoughts and feelings.  I realized, "I LIKE Dusty Rose".  What ever happened to this color in my life?  Why does it fill me with such warm ooey gooey feelings?

I've been pondering this through my morning and realized.  It WAS a nineties color.  At least for me.  My mother must've loved it.  It was on the walls of our home.  She wore it on her lips.  It was on the dresses she was known to wear during that season of life.  She also wore it on her finger nails from a bottle of Avon nail color.. I loved that.  It always seemed like such a lovely womanly thing to paint your nails such a soft but warm pink. This made me like it even more.  Dusty Rose makes me think of my Mom.

Not like red does.. the color she always said was her favorite when I was younger.  Not like brown,, the color she wore ALOT of until she learned she was a... spring?.. and shouldn't wear it sooo much.  Not like baby blue the color that adorned our previous home.

No, this color, Dusty Rose, was the color my mother surrounded us in during the time in her life where I remember her doing so many things she loved.  Running a Tea Room.  Hostessing like a mad woman.  Running a business out of her kitchen making goodies and selling them at bazaars and coffee shops.  Finding the joys of being the mother to not just girls, but women.  Learning her love of being a mother-in-law, grandmother and friend to those women daughters.

This is a good color.  Dusty Rose.  Now that I know why I like it.. I wanna help it make a come-back.  It could be the new color for 2010!  Hmmm.


  1. Oh how sweet! Wow I feel like it is mother's day! I love that you are thinking about me. What a blessing it is to me! I still like dusty rose too! It mixes nice with the sage green color that I also like. You have a way of making those memories come back to life for me! It doesn't seem like so long ago and then....
    I love you, and especially love that your thinking about me through your day! Loving you always mom